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Mirus Divine Face Cream 2023 – 50 MG


Time to get lovely & fair with Bemorph that help optimize skin rejuvenation and nourishment thereby giving your skin a healthy sparkling glow.





Divine Glow Night Cream (Advance Fairness Cream)

“Brightening & Renewing Skin”

For All types of Skin

(Men & Women)


“Remove Dark Spots” ” Anti-Ageing” ” Anti Wrinkles” “Skin whitening” “Anti-Acne” “Moisturiser” “Pigmentation” “Pimples”

Get healthy & glowing skin with absolutely ZERO side effects!

100% Natural – Divine Glow Face Pack

๐Ÿ‘‰ Remove pigmentation
๐Ÿ‘‰ Make your skin smoother, instantly
๐Ÿ‘‰ Brighten skin tone and remove toxins
๐Ÿ‘‰ Make your skin brighter

It improves skin texture by cleansing it deeply and curing pigmentation, sun burns, pimples and rashes. We have made every effort to ensure that it enhances your beauty and ensures best results for you

Contains : Pearl Powder, river pebel, mogra root, jojoba oil,sheelajit arc.,base cream, Premium Fragnance.

Jojoba oil :

1) It’s moisturizer
2) Antibacterial
3) Antioxidant
4) Noncomedogenic
5) Hypoallergenic
6) Help speed up wound healing
7) It may help soothe eczema, psoriasis other dry skin condition

Mogra root :

1) Slow down the aging process
2) Suitable for sensitive skin
3) Heal scars and blemishes
4) Skin whitening properties

Sheelajit : Anti-Ageing Properties.

River pebbles : Removing Dead Cells.

Product Name :- MiRUS DIVINE GLOW Herbal & ayurvedic Night Cream

Types of Packing :-
1) 50gm Pack (1 month )
MRP :- 1599/-


  1. Clean your Face Thoroughly with ‘Facewash’ Suited to your skin type
  2. Apply Cream in Gental Upward & Circular Motion by using your Fingers
  3. Ideally you shoild apply a night cream 30 before going to bed
  4. Next Morning Wash your Face with ‘Face Wash’ using Warm Water (Don’t use Soap)

Note : – Use Face Pack Regularly for better result & Natural Glow, External Use Only, Protectย  ย  ย  ย  ย  from direct sunlight & heat.

Caution : – Natural Products can sometime cause an allergic reation.ย  Take a Trial check & then use regularly.


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